1920 Rolls Royce Page 1

The car as deliverd to the workshop. The body is the original body for the chassis and is built of aluminium skins tacked onto a wooden frame.
The rear of the body, some work to repair holes had already been done. The Guards and running boards are not original to this car so they will have to be repaired and modified to fit this body.
The doors were removed and paint stripped manually as was the rest of the body before any repair work was commemnced. Stripped rear end there were several large dents most probably from where the body was pushed on towards the top of the panel, these were difficult to get accesss to due to the way the car was built.
Trial fitting the passengers side rear guard so we could see where we had to add metal as well as re-form the shape to suit the body. New guard lips were needed as well as the interior siffening flanges hammerforms were made up so these could be made,due to the size of the panels these had to be made in sections.