1920 Rolls Royce Page 2

Making an extension piece for one of the guards. The finished edge it will be fitted to the guard so it can me marked and trimmed for welding in but before that the rest of the edge needs to be made.
Making sure the guard is securly in place and in its best position ,as these cars had panels tailor made for them these guard will require modification to achive a good fit, fitting them in a reasonable position before commencing modification took some time. The Sections for making the Guard edge are clamped to the board and to a buck made from the Guard with an undamaged edge, the pieced are then tack welded together planished and then fully welded and ground back before the replacement section is offered up to the guard for fitting.
The Edges clamped up ready for tack welding. The buck was then fixed in an uprite position so the inner reinforcing ribs could be formed these were cut from flat strips of aluminium then bent and formed using shrinking and stretching machines to the profile of the buck.
The lips of the ribs were folded over as original to help improve stiffness and also to prevent the raw edge of the panel from cutting the tyres. With all the body work completed the car was wheeled into the spraybooth and cleaned with aluminium cleaner and masked up and prepared for priming.