Jaguar E type V12 Series III Roadster Page 2

This is the inner sill both sides had new sills fitted we chose to make this section of the inner sill from steel that was thicker than the original for extra strength,before these sections and the sill outers were welded in all the insides were treated and primed and then re treated after the body is painted. This was where the near side inner wheel tub was it was very damaged by rust so it was decided to remove and re-make it.
This is the old and new inner tub the new one was made up in sections each piece was beaten into shape checked against the templates and old tub and finally tacked together and re-checked it was then fully welded. This is the tub fitted to the car and welded in position with a new piece of boot being clamped in position.
Every bit of bare metal was deoxodined and cleaned before being primed in 2 pack epoxy we do this now because it is impossible to get full coverage after when the guards are on there was no factory applied paint or rust proofing evident when the rear was opened. The boot lid was trial fitted to ensure that the guards would be gapped correct also to position the upper beaver which was removed and repaired.
The rear quarter was repaired and file finished off the car then refitted to marks made before it was removed careful checking was required.The door still has its original skin for this,The photo above has the replacement skin fitted which was done while the car was being primed both doors were reskined. All joints were lead wiped and file finished as was done at the factory originally,note the new outer sill.