1976 VC Valiant Page 1

The car as we recived it this car is a 1 owner car that was in very good original condition . All the trim glass and bright work was removed and stored.
The entire front end is removable so it was removed to enable it to be sand blasted clean. The fronts of the sills were rusty as were the bottoms of the guards however they were not severly damaged and a good clean with metal conditioner got rid of the rust.
The front of the sill showing old leaves and dirt which holds water causing more rust. The rear of the sills were slightly damaged by rust pieces were formed and butt welded in to repair the area.
This section which holds a rubber never recived proper rust prevention at the factory and so it rusts between the strip and body after it was repaired and primed fish oil was used to penetrate the joint and protect it. This guard had been damaged and had rusted it was quicker to source a good second hand panel and fit it than repair the old one.