1968 Pontiac LeMans

We Started this car back in 1999. The car when we recived it had already been partially stripped and unfortunatly some parts were lost it was imported here direct from the USA and converted by Bill Buckle motors. The conversion work was already done and the normal panel and paint procedures were applied the drivers side rear quater was replaces as was floor pan sections this was a body off restoration unlike the red GTO in the other page however, the majority of the parts we needed came from America in left hand drive configuration so we had to convert them.
The dash board was sent away and re trimmed along with the center console the wooden trim on both sides of the steering wheel were converted however a plastic veneer was what was originally there so instead real wood veneer was carfully cut and glued in place. The entire interior was re trimmed in the original colour it is not plain white but a pearl white vyinl with black carpet the trim kits were brought in from America.
This was the while we were converting the air conditioning under the dash the converted part had gone missing so another was sourced and converted over. The front and rear bars were repaired re-chromed along with the rear light reflectors the front bar looks the same as the one on the GTO except that the GTO front bar was made from a high density foam, All the badges were replaced with new badges.
The 350 CU engine and gearbox was fully rebuilt with oversize pistons and a "baby" hydraulic cam it was painted in original metalic blue. A new air conditioning compressor ,condensor and radiator were sourced and fitted. A full mandrel bent exhaust was made up using photos and diagrams it was fabricated in stainless steel with stainless mufflers as you can see the workmanship on it it very good you cant even see the welds joining the sections.