1970 Mustang Convertible PG-3

The bottom of the drivers side rear quarter,the old repair was cut out and a new section made and held in place with screws whilst it was marked for trimming before welding in. After the repair section was trimmed it was slowly welded in to avoid heat distortion.When this was completed the welds were ground back and sanded smooth and the whole guard was filed up, suprisingly there were not many dents or dings to be removed.
The bottom of the rear tail light neeed work done to make it good again , new sections were formed to replace the brazed in patches of metal, these new sections were butt welded in. The panels after being repaired were deoxodined and cleaned then hung so that they could be sprayed with epoxy primer to seal and protect them.
After the primer had dried the panels were treated with xtroll compound to protect all the internal cavitied and seams.. Masking up for priming.
The body being prepared for primer buy giving a final wipe down and blow off. Corner of the drivers side door has been badly patched a whole new section needs to be made.