1970 Mustang Convertible PG-2

The bottom of the front passengers side guard needed a rust removed.A section was formed cleaned and the old piece cut out, the new section was oxy welded in, this is during the filing up stage. After the repair was completed the whole guard was filed up and any dents and dings removed.
The wheel arch was repaired before buy lapping these two pieces of metal under the guard and welding them in. The new section is made from two pieces of steel formed to the correct shape and then butt welded together. This is what was found when we cut away the old repairs the strips you see hanging down were not even attached to the guard.
The inner lip cut away to sound metal the surface rust was cleaned off and treated and the new lip will be welded on here, the whole inner section was then rust treated. The repaired wheel arch lip.
The rust here was repaired once buy just putting a piece of metal behind the hole and welding it in and filling it with filler,it didnt last new sections will be made. New sections made up for drivers side rear quater.