1970 MORGAN 4/4 Page 1

The car as we recived it. The owner had owned the car in england and had it sent over. New body panels had been brought from England,all the panels were to be replaced.
The panels were only loosely fitted so we removed them before starting work. New door skins were supplied so we carefuly trial fitted them befor permenantly fixing them to the frame .
The body panels were cleaned treated with deoxodine and then primed in 2 pack primer The panels were blasted clean and then primed before trial fitting.This is better than doing the fitting whilst they are bare metal as it can take a while to get a morgan to "fit up" correctly.
Fitting up the body involves fitting every panel including the lights grille ect. After all the panels are fitted its time to start making things "line up" morgans are hand made cars parts dont just fit they have to be made to fit.