1970 MORGAN 4/4 Page 2

The use of straight edges helps show when things are level. Alot of work goes into making things right .
Not very clear but the lines show the difference between 2 morgan panels in this case a comparison between the original and new drivers side rear guard. When all fitting ect was finished the body was dismantled again and sprayed with spray polyester.
The original 1600 GT Ford motor was replaced due to a cracked block another 1600 GT motor was fully rebuilt and fitted. We removed all the ancillaries and prepared the engine for painting the starter motor and alternator were sent away and serviced we also rebuilt the carburettor,all the alloy engine parts were cleaned and masked off.
All the black parts of the body were done at the same time. After all the ancillaries were cleaned and detailed they were put back on the engine with new hoses and hose clamps.