1966 MGB pg2

It was decided to fully strip detail and rebuild the front end. The sub frame was totally stripped and sent away to be sandblasted whilst all the new bushes and parts were ordered ready for reassembly.
The entire front was painted and bolts cad plated new lock plates split pins ect were used through out as well as replacing all wearing parts with new units. The engine bay was fully detailed all the wires were cleaned and pipes and fittings cad plated new transfers were sourced and fitted tis is just before we fitted the engine and gearbox assembly.
Internaly the engine was in good running order it was just looking a bit worse for wear and needed a new clutch after so many years so it was decided to clean it and paint it. 2 pack paint was used on the block and heat resistant paint on the manifold the carburettors were removed and all ancillaries were removed and painted seperate new gaskets were used where required.
The engine back in the car and all hooked up with new braided fuel line (factory fitment for mgb's) and coolant hoses the oil and filter were changed and the engine was started. New bumpers were the order with new over riders and really add to the apperance of the car a new grille center was used as well.