1966 MGB

The car as we recived it. The owner has owned this car since it was new. The body was in exelent condition and very free of damage it had been resprayed once before.
The car is that original that all of its factory markings and quality control marks were still there. The panels and assorted small parts were blasted clean it is an easier option when small tricky parts need to be cleaned.
The body however was known to be good in fact only 1 rust repair was needed in the sill so the decision was made to strip the body manually. The panels were delivered blasted clean the areas needing repairs were then marked and fixed the lower halves of the front guards needed replacing.
Since the body was so good very little blocking was required to bring all the panels to a perfect condition even the engine bay was done. After all the body work had been done the body is ready to be resprayed in its original shade of british racing green.