1970 Mercedes Benz 280 SE

The car as we received it the owner had owned the car for a few months it looked to be in good serviceable condition. The interior trim was in very good condition only the wooden veneer had cracked on top of the dash.
Things are not always what they seem inside the scuttle there was a filter pad this had absorbed water and totally rusted out the scuttle. The bottoms of the guards were expected to be a bit tatty.
The doors are a nice bit of work the inner frames are cast in aluminium strong and light. The rear guards were paintstripped by hand but the rest of the removeable panels were sand blasted.
The quarter panels were in ok shape it seemed as if this car had moulds fitted and the holes welded up only the near side front guard was missing the holes. The front guards had thier own story to tell one had been hit hard in the front the other had the entire lower section renewed and spotwelded at the feature line that runs down the entire body unlike all the other panels that guard did not have any holes in it .