1973 Jensen Interceptor MK III

The car as we recived it the it was in fairly good condition but was starting to show its age. After all the body work had been done new sills made and fitted and rust repairs carried out the body was paited and refitting began the jensen is an italian design and is built in england there was alot of stainless trim in this car.
The dashboard was sent away to be repaired as it had cracked all the instuments were re calibrated and cleaned and much of the wood trim was re made ,the entire interior was also re trimed in cream coloured leather. Many parts on the jensen were what could be considered "heavy duty" the front grille is made up of 10 slats of aluminium plate that was originally anodised the headlamp surrounds and side grilles are cast alloy they are really made to last.
The front suspension was completly stripped and detailed and then rebuilt with new ball joints the springs in these cars are really stiff new koni adjustable shocks were used all round. The sill panels were covered in these stainless trims the original trims were repaired then sent away and polished it was decided to make new scuff plates.
img src="images/FIAT-008.jpg">
Here is the reason why the interceptor needs such beefy suspension its powered by a chrysler 440cu engine this care had a torque flite auto gearbox in it it sounded really good a new stainless exhaust was fitted .