1936 FIAT 1100

The car as we recived it the owner had already had some work done to the body and removed parts however surface rust had developed in some areas. The panels were delivered seperate they had also had work done and were primed however we thought it was best to blast them clean like the body to be sure.
The entire front end is removable so it was removed to enable it to be cleaned seperate. The entire body was blasted clean as you can see it was a good option the rear end was very rough when the rear guards were fitted they did not fit correct.
The nose although not damaged was slightly pinholed new sections were made and oxy welded in. The rear guards were damaged along the edge new pieces were formed and butt welded to the guards again using the oxy welding method they were then file finished.
The body was seperated from the chassis and set up so it was "square" the panels were then trial fitted which took some doing due to "modifications" previously done to them. After all the body work had been done the body was treated with deoxodine and primed in 2 pack epoxy primer to seal and protect it.