1936 FIAT 1100 Page 3

This continues the story of this cars restoration.

It was decided to paint the car two tone as would have been original for the period so the colours chosen were red and black. The body a day after being painted like the guards in the first photo it is to be cut and buffed.
The instument panel shows its age so it was restored but instead of re lettering it it was decided to leave it with the original screen printed numbers on the glass. These are all of the parts that comprised of the instument panel.
The dash was sprayed with a cream colour that will also be used on the door glass surrounds the steering wheel was also repaired and painted. A view of the grill which was built up out of two rusty wrecked units it is painted rather than chromed here it is in hi-fill which will be rubbed to give a perfect surface for colour next to the grill are all the alloy strips that are clipped into the grill,36 in all each one repaired and polished by hand the badge is original as are the two side moulds the center mould was missing so one had to be made.
The grill fitted into the nose panelfor trial fitting and for fitting the trim pieces to it. After all the hard time consuming work was over the grill was completed all that is left to do is to remove all the trims and paint it.