1936 FIAT 1100 Page 2

This continues the story of this cars restoration.

The body was primed inside and out this seals all areas,there are wood blocks that go in here they too will be treated areas like this are also treated with a good squirt of cavity wax. The inside if the rear of the body had hammer and other marks from when it had been repaired before and sander marks where we had to sand back welds it was primed in spray polyester along with the rest of the outer body.
The entire outside of the body was sprayed with spray polyester this is so scratches ect left in filler or lead can be blocked out leaving a perfectly smooth surface. The floorpans inside and out and inner wheel arches were sprayed with anti-chip a rubberised material which helps protect the underbody.
The chassis had the engine and gear box removed and detailed the engine was painted as well as all the bits which go with it the chassis was cleaned and sprayed with semi-gloss black. A front view of the chassis showing its unique front shock absorbers.
The body originally was insulated from the chassis by these fabric straps at all the mounting points most of these had rotted over time so we made new ones but out of rubber so they cant hold water and cause rust. After all the new straps were in position the body was replaced on the chassis and we began to refit the doors so they could be re-checked and blocked on the body.