1972 Valiant Charger Page 1

The car as we recived it the owner had already removed all the fittings and had just left the suspension. All panels were removed and sorted so they could be sent for bead blasting.
The front and rear suspension was removed so we could do a thorough cleaning job and so it could be reconditioned later on. The body on the trolley in the cleaning bay so all the muck could be scramped and cleaned off prior to blasting.
The front had a lot of dirt built up in small nooks and crannies which had to be dug out also cracks were found in the sheet metal. The boot after being blasted this is the drivers side rear wheel tub a brace was welded in and the panel has been cut a way and this is what we found, this area is a real water trap.
This section was made up and wheeled into shape it was then used to scribe around the damage so it could be cut out, the panel was then butt welded into position and ground smooth and treated with metal cleaner, a new base was then made and welded in place. This section of the drivers side 1/4 panel had a few pinholes in it after having a poke around we found all was not well a new panel was made the area treated and primed and the new panel welded in place, the rear 1/4 panels were then repaired as they had a bit of damage in them.