1965 Formula 2 Brabham Climax BT-16

This car was run by John Coombs racing and driven by Graham Hill it has a Coventry Climax engine. This is a new chassis as the old one was a little tired. The chassis was sand blasted clean then primed in epoxy primer and painted in chassis grey.
The entire body needed painting and repairs this is how it came in. Front view of "cigar tube" style bodywork.
The body was stripped back to the gell coat some damaged areas hade to be taken further back for repairs with new glass fibre and resin a fresh coad of gell coat was then applied. The body work was primed in 2 pack high fill primer and blocked smooth ready for painting.
The body was to be painted as original the center stripe was done first then masked up and the white applied. After all the paintwork was done the screen had tobe modified and fitted as well as the mirrors fitted in the best position for the driver.