Alfa Romeo 1968 1750 GTV SERIES 1

This is the car in its original form a brown metallic it was originally Bianco Spino when delivered from the factory. After having been driven for a while it came off the road to have a few rust problems taken care of.
Rust in the sills is quite common for alfas without proper rust treatment so as a result both sill panels and sill ends were. replaced The floorpan had some previous repairs done to it some was sound some was not new sections were made and welded in place.
After all body work was completed and the body treated with deoxodine metal cleaner the shell was sprayed in 2 pack epoxy primer to seal it. Alot of hard work and elbow grease results in a car that is as pleasing to look at underneath as it does on top.
The interior was re trimed in leather and all wood work re-made or restored its looks fantastic. About 2 years of work resulted in a car that won second place in the Alfa Romeo Owners Club Concorso D'Elegenza first time out in 2002 and again in 2003.