Austin A40 Page 2

Damaged section cutaway to show what lies beneath. We drilled out all the spot welds holding the bottom tray of the sill panels on and sent the car away to have the floor and inside the sills bead blasted.
The sills never had any paint or rustproofing applied at the factory this is what happens when water and muck gets trapped in those areas. The new and the old inner sills for the near {passengers} side its made from about 12 seperate pieces all oxywelded together and then treated with deoxodine.
These are some of the other parts that make up the sill panels. All the box sections were treated and primed before re assembly then will be full treated with cavity wax later the other side was done the same as this .
The new undertray fitted and welded in. Body on stands ready to have doors fitted to line up gaps.