1981 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV

The car as we recived it the owner had already had removed some parts from the body and sent the engine away to be rebuilt (this is another 1 owner car). The glass was removed and ther was the usual alfetta rust to be found suprising the tail gate was perfect there was not even a spot of rust on it.
This car was stripped back manually (by sanding machine) there was some previous accident damage this side of the rear end had recived a big hit luckily it had easy access . The scuttle was drilled off and repaired off the car as well as the rust in the car when it was finished it was primed inside and out and spot welded back to the car.
The nose was impact damaged and a decision was made to repair rather than replace it so the nose and lower beaver were drilled off repaired and replaced the lower beaver was oxy welded back in and those joints file finished. The lower half of the guards were rust damaged a whole new section was made for one of the rear guard but the rest were able to be saved after being repaired all the joints were later lead wiped and file finished.
After the body was filed up and deoxodined to help stop any rust from reappering it was then rolled into the spraybooth. Where it was wiped down with prepsol and primed in 2 pack epoxy primer to seal and protect it.